Do you know the JC Western Cowgirls?

JC Western cowgirls

JC Western Wear has a team of 12 talented Cowgirls who live and breathe Country. They are a youth group who all share a passion of horses and horse back riding. They are a team that puts on demonstrations at events all over South Florida. You may have seen them at community events, concerts, or even while shopping in one of our two physical stores located in South Florida.


Today I will introduce to you Tiffany Cioffi, Nina Parker, Maranda Doherty,  Becky O’Connor, Ariana Hoblin and Kayla OBrien.


Tiffany Cioffi was born on January 1st, she is a Capricorn. Tiffany favorite color is blue and she loves brownies & ice-cream! One of Tiffany’s favorite restaurants is The Texas Roadhouse Grill. In her spare time when Tiffany is not busy being a JC Western Cowgirl you will find her riding horses, playing volleyball and cheering! Tiffany has four pets, two horses named Uno and Dos and two cats named Tiger and Oreo. Tiffany looks up to her parents and her favorite quote is “Do not chase people be you do your own thing and work hard and the right people who belong in your life will come and stay.” -Unknown



Nina copyNina Parker is our second JC Western Cowgirl! Her favorite color is blue as well. Her most favorite meal is chicken wings and her favorite resturant is Great Wraps. When Nina is not busy being a JC Western Cowgirl you can find her playing soccer or flag-football or hanging out around horses. Nina has two pets, one horse named Kit-Kat and one dog named Snoopy. Nina looks up most to Hope Solo,  an goalkeeper for the American soccer team the Seattle Reign, a two-time Olympic god medalist and a World Cup gold medalist. Her favorite quote is “Don’t practice till you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.” -Unknown



Maranda copyMaranda Doherty is a sagittarius born on December 12th. Her favorite color like Tiffany and Nina is blue. Her favorite food is dragon fruit, and you might run into her at her favorite resturant, which is Chipotle. When Maranda is not busy
being a JC Western Cowgirl she is busy riding horses and hanging out at the beach. Maranda looks up to her four brothers: Austin, Ryan, Hunter, and Jared. Her favorite quote is “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” -Unknown 




Becky O’Connor is the forth JC Western Cowgirl. She was born on May 1st making her a Taurus. Her favorite color is gray and her favorite food is Sushi. Becky’s favorite resturant is Num Thi in Key Largo. When she is not busy as a JC Western Cowgirl you can find Becky working with her horses and flying with her family. Becky has 6 animals, four dogs named Elmo, Oscar, Bacon, and Sam and two Guinea pigs named Bunny and Patrick. She looks up most to both of her parents and her favorite quote is “The one’s who say you can’t, and you won’t are the ones who are scared you will” -Unknown



Ariana copyAriana Hoblin was born on November 22 she is on the cusp of the sagittarius sign. Her favorite color is Aqua and her favorite resturant are Chick-fil-A and Chipotle. When Ariana is not busy being a JC Western Cowgirl she is usually riding horses, playing softball, cheering, or hanging around the barn. Ariana has two pets a Chinese Crestepoodle who’s named Cinderella and a Siamese Car named Magenta. She looks up to her Grandfather because as a while he grew up with nothing and today he is the most supportive grandpa and is always there for her. Ariana’s favorite quote is “I’ve come to realize that the only people I need in my life are the ones who need me in theirs, even when I have nothing else to offer them but myself” -Unknown



Kayla copy

Kayla OBrien was born on April 23rd. Her astrological sign is the Taurus. Kayla’s favorite color is purple and she loves cheese fries! Her favorite resturant is Darbster’s. When Kayla is not busy as a JC Western Cowgirl she likes to spend her time horse back riding. She has ELEVEN animals which she loves very much. Kayla has a horse named Levi, a box turtle names Georgia, four cats named Romeo, Boo, Gus, and Hope, an African Grey named Bubba, and four dogs named Tatum, Riley, Rosie, and Gracie! Kayla looks up most to her mother and her favorite quote is “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” – Proverbs 30:8



As you can see the JC Western Cowgirls are a fun, loving, hardworking group of girls! Next week I will introduce you to the other six JC Western Cowgirls. If you want to follow what the Cowgirls are doing you can follow them on Facebook.


These girl’s work hard every day and strive to be role models for our community. We are honored to have them as part of our JC Western Cowgirl team here at JC Western Wear! If you would like more information on how you can become a JC Western Cowgirl please contact Sam at 561-684-7331.


– Carmen



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