Three of the JC Western Cowgirls wearing Camo shirts and Ariat boots and Grace in LA Jeans


Here’s a great shot of three of JC Western Cowgirls wearing Camo shirts, Ariat boots and Grace in LA Jeans. Our cowgirls are stirring up tons of interest as they tour the circuit promoting JC Western’s fashion line.

It’s no wonder. We think our beautiful JC Western models represent the highest standards of beauty and grace. They can make all the latest women’s fashions look even better.

If you ever have a chance to meet our JC Western cowgirls, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Meet our classy cowgirl models at various events around town. You might also get to meet their beautiful horses. They don’t seem to mind sharing the spotlight with the cowgirls.

In this shot, you see three of our cowgirls. They are dressed in very popular renditions of our best selling camo shirts and Ariat boots. Notice their Grace in LA jeans. The girls are very comfortable in these casual outfits, but when they get themselves dolled up in their fancy dress up apparel and their fancy accessories, they stand out even more.

You will enjoy meeting our cowgirls. You can follow their adventures here at